Home Sweet Home

I have returned to my Tanzanian home at the UAACC. I decided to cut my trip short in Zanzibar because although the island has beautiful beaches I did not feel as useful or as at home as I did and do at the UAACC. I am so happy to be home. I have been warmly received by everyone at the UAACC and am glad I have the opportunity to spend more time with the people here.

On my journey back to Arusha I took a ferry from Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam. Here I saw women carrying their suitcases on their heads. People are so strong here and have such good balance. When I got off the ferry in Dar a porter came and helped me with my suitcase and even carried it on his head for a while even though it was well over 50 lbs!

My night in Dar was fun I road in a tiny little car (Bajaj) to a mall with a movie theatre and saw The Hunger Games. So happy that I was able to see it.

Back in Arusha I have resumed teaching my English class. I also attended a meeting with Mama C last week about the free internet service that is provided here and to other schools in the community. It was really cool to see what is going on in Arusha to help fill in the technology gap and to get internet to surrounding villages. My project for the next couple weeks is to teach my students how to set up and operate a blog so that we can have one for the UAACC run by the students. This will also help them if they want to set up their own blogs since most of them are musicians and artists. More to come soon!


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