A week with Madalynn

This past week I had the pleasure of my Aunt Madalynn’s company here at the UAACC. It was so great to get to share this experience with her and to see her interacting with her fellow panther comrades. It was fun listening to her and Mama C reflecting back on what they were doing when they were my age and how stressful it must have been for their parents.

We had a great time this past Saturday. We spent the morning at a beautiful resort that is about ten minutes from the center. There was a huge playground for the watoto (and the big kids) to play on. Once we had had enough of that we moved on to their swimming pools. They had a nice kiddy pool that was big enough for all twenty-two kids to jump around in. Some of us adults went swimming in the big pool, which was quite refreshing. Afterwards I stayed to eat lunch at the hotel with my aunt, Gail and one of the drivers. As we were enjoying some Indian food a massive down pour begun that was in such contrast to the beautiful morning we had experienced.

In the evening we all went out to go dancing at our favorite hotel. It was fun for all of us to dance together. And once the music stopped we snagged some pictures with the band.


2 responses to “A week with Madalynn

  1. Gabby do you have more recent stuff? This has been great, send more.Uncle Fred

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