The Source

Tonight I went to a showing if the movie “The Source” which isn’t out on DVD yet but you should all keep it on your radar and look into the directors other movies. It was an absolutely inspirational film about the need for easy access to water, the power of love and gave insight into Islam. After the showing the director and co-writer were present to answer questions. They gave some good insight about life and their mission to share knowledge and raise awareness. Their next film will be about a Maasai lawyer coming to Los Angeles so I might actually be able to lend some help about the differences between the British English learned in Tanzania and the English we speak in America/California. This was definitely one of my favorite nights here. I’m glad to have the opportunity to go to art and social justice events while I’m here. I must give thanks to Mama C’s and the UAACCs dedication to addressing social justice issues through the arts. I am learning new ways to help the youth and my community to be active and be expressive through various art forms.

Here is an article from the New York Times about the movie and director.


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