Sunday Fun Day!

I woke up early today to go on a walk with Mama Sherry and Baba Naya to a river about a mile away from the UAACC. I got to get a nice look at Mt. Meru on this walk and got to see more of Imbaseni Village. I will enjoy walking this route often in the future because it seems like a nice place to relax and it is just good to stretch the legs.

Later in the afternoon Sunday Fun Day started with some live drumming and dance performances from a local dance group. The students from Ohio joined in with the dance group for one song. The dance group also did a comedy skit in between some of their dances. Us English speakers didn’t really get the jokes but it was apparently very funny based on everyone else’s reactions. The Ohio group also performed a dance for Hakuna Matata from the Lion King along with some duet and solo gymnastic and singing acts. Mama C even got out the obokono and added some of her own music to the day. During all of the performances the watoto (children) were hanging out with us and they were having a blast taking pictures with all the cameras we had out. The best part of the day may have been the final song by the drummers where the crowd was invited to join in with the dancers. I got to go in the middle of our dance circle and shake it down with one of the dancers. I think I will have to keep practicing with them since they practice at the center every week. I will be able to pick up some new moves and get a great work out!

There was also a fashion show this evening where Mwajabu’s clothes were modeled. Mwajabu is one of the full time staff here who is also a designer with a clothes shop on site. I can’t wait to buy some cloth in town so I can have her make me some custom fitted outfits!


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