Long awaited pictures!

Me at the SF airport getting ready to head out on my trip.

Leaving the Mediterranean Sea and flying into Northern Africa.

One night stop over in a little hotel in Nairobi. I had a big black butterfly in my room keeping me company. But it half scared me to death fluttering around in the morning because it sounded like a flying cockroach.


This is the bus I took from Nairobi to Tanzania. I didn’t take many pictures on the ride but there were a lot of cattle and herders. Sometimes we had to stop because of cattle in the road.

This is my room at the UAACC. Sometimes I have a little gecko that hangs out in my room. My stuff is all over the place right now but that is okay because no one else is staying in my room yet.

This is the Red Onion. It is the main common area for the volunteers. We take all of our meals there.

This is the main classroom where beginner English is taught along with Yoga and some other classes.


This is my classroom where I teach intermediate English.


2 responses to “Long awaited pictures!

  1. Gabby, Thank you for making us a part of your unbelievable experience. We are enjoying it so much. We love you and are so proud of you. Mom sent Teresa your e-mail address as she, too, wants to follow your trip. Take care.

  2. ah i love it! i wish my classroom looked like that. your posts are so exciting, i am so jealous of all of your experiences! i can tell you are having a great time!

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