Today I took a Batik lesson from the art teacher at the UAACC. The first picture is one of his pieces that I bought.

Here is what I learned in my lesson with pictures for you to follow along. Max, the teacher, drew the outline for the piece for me. Then we used some water based paints and a sponge to color in the background.

After that we had to let it dry before we added wax around the area we were going to color in black.

We then added black paint with a sponge. It was pretty hard to use a sponge to color in some of the detailed areas. It was also hard to use the paintbrushes with the wax to perfectly outline the subject area. Anyways, once that is all done we let the piece dry out again.

Once it was dry we covered it in newspaper and ironed it to remove the wax. Here is the final product!

I will probably do some more when he teaches it to some of the other students. I think I might try to make my own kokopelli pattern if I can :).

Here are some pictures of the Art Studio and Gallery.


3 responses to “Batik

  1. Gorgeous! Forget traveling around when I am there, I just want to do art!

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